The War on Butter

the ask

Get foodies stoked about cooking with Organic Valley butter over the holidays.

the results

An internet-wide celebration marking the official end to The War on Butter, complete with live butter-hero sculpting.

The War On Butter Is Over!
For years we’ve been told butter is bad for us, but new studies show that’s actually not true. This is big news for an organic dairy company, so we created a two-minute video to help Organic Valley tell the world.
Honoring Our Heroes
Despite dark times for dairy, there have always been die-hard butter lovers out there. For two weeks, We asked America select those who deserved to be immortalized in butter forever (aka, until it melted).
The Thrilling Live Finale
The campaign culminated with two butter artists live-sculpting butter busts of the winners on Facebook. The videos are oddly soothing.

The Part Where We Brag

  • 56 million impressions
  • 414,585 website visits
  • 32,647 people watched 212 hours of butter sculpting

  • 12.3 million complete views
  • 71,000 coupons printed

“Sugar is the new heroin, and sitting is the new smoking. But one formerly vilified habit—eating butter—is apparently off the naughty list. Gingerbread cookies and basted turkeys for everyone!”


“Butter is back with a vengeance.”

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