Unstuff Gifts

the idea

Convince people to repress their mass-consumerist tendencies over the holidays and stop buying so much stuff? (Yes, we know we’re an ad agency.)

the result

Diverting 50,000 would-be stuff-purchases, oodles of press love and more than 3.5 million tweet impressions, with zero budget.

Unstuff for Everyone
Instead of giving stuff, why not give experiences? Using Facebook connect, we were able to dish up personalized non-material gift recommendations based on your friends' interests.

The Part Where We Brag

  • 50,000 shoppers diverted

  • 3.5 million Twitter impressions

  • Christmas pretty much saved

“...their website is a collection of cool gift ideas that you can either experience, download or ingest.”

Apartment Therapy

“...Unstuff has collected a bunch of cool gifts that aren't things--so there's no chance your present will end up in the landfill.”


“Last-minute gift shopping? Unstuff makes it easy to shop for 'experiences' someone actually wants to have.”


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