The World’s Best Coffee

the ask

Make people stop and think about the type of Half & Half they put in their coffee.

the results

We turned the coffee world upside down by creating the world’s first Half & Half bar.

Just Add Coffee
We opened a real coffee shop in lower manhattan where people had to pay for the organic Half & Half, instead of the coffee. New Yorkers and the press drank it up.
Designing the Experience
The Humanaut team worked with Pink Sparrow to design every detail of the Organic Valley Coffee Shop experience, where coffee was the only afterthought.

The Part Where We Brag

  • 500,000 Landing page visits
  • 100,000 Coupon prints

  • Served over 1000 cups of coffee in the 2 days we were open to the public
  • 50,000 Product locator searches

“...Opening a physical store that sells half-and-half was a delicious conceit—and to stretch a metaphor, casting Farmer Gerrit was like the heart-shaped foam on top.”


“The commercial is full of on-point asides like that — van Tol thinks he needs 'some modern logo with an 'X' in it or some arrows;' he describes a cow as his 'secret barista;' and he takes pains to explain the various types of plants that go into the animals' grass blend.”


“ example of unexpected, breakthrough marketing that's happening across the food world...”


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