Organic Fuel

the ask

Launch Organic Valley’s organic protein shake on a lean budget.

the results

We earned 100 million+ PR impressions and won an Effie for Best Product Launch Campaign of the Year.

Save the Bros
We alerted the world that the bro population was in serious danger from chugging nasty protein drinks. The internet took up our cause.
Buy One, Bro One
We created a real Buy One, Bro One coupon to help bros in need. And we invited the public to show support by purchasing Save The Bros swag.
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.29.26 PM
The Brononymous Hotline
Since talking to a Bro about his protein is a very sensitive subject, we followed up our viral success with The Brononymous Hotline. This Twitter app let you anonymously tweet a personalized protein intervention video and coupon to a bro in your life.

The Part Where We Brag

  • Over 1 million views in the first week
  • 100 million+ PR impressions
  • Won a Bronze Effie for Best New Product Launch Campaign of 2016
  • Voted AdWeek’s Ad of the Week
  • Won AdAge’s Small Agency Integrated Campaign of the Year
  • Currently the Save the Bros video is up to 7M views. (88% of which are organic)
  • 20 million total Brononymous views on YouTube and Facebook

  • 150,000 campaign shares
  • More than 15,000 Brononymous tweets
  • 125,000 site visits
  • 25,000 coupon views
The Brononymous Hotline was Nominated for a Webby, for best digital advertising campaign, punching well above its weight alongside the biggest brands in the world.
“For Organic Valley to show an edgy sense of humor breaks new ground for organic product advertising.”


“Luckily, we have enough of a sense of humor around here that we actually enjoyed this video from Organic Valley....Yum. Go big or go home. And Save The Bros.”

Bro Bible

“In other words, for an ad that, at moments, panders to its target by trolling everyone else, it's pretty funny—deftly sending up cheesy public-service tropes, while also largely poking fun at the consumers it's trying to woo. ”


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