Judgy McJudgerson

the idea

Make a card game for the Humanaut holiday party.


A wildly successful card game that sold ### units in ### days.

The Game You're Already Playing
After countless drunken hours of prototyping, testing, and scrutinizing thousands of stock photos, we created the most judgmental game ever. The premise is simple: one player throws down a photo card (think: a pic of an old Russian man eating cookies) and the other players judge the shit out of the person in the photo using their text cards which say stuff like “I own a purple PT Cruiser” and/or “I blame my IBS.” The best match wins the round.

Card group@2x copy
blue_card@2x copy
Card 1@2x copy
blue_card@2x copy
Card 3@2x copy
Yellow card@2x copy
Photo Card 6@2x copy
Yellow card@2x copy
Photo Card 3@2x copy
Because stereotyping is hilarious!
Check back for all the judgy details about our new card game launch soon.

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