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Organic Fuel

the ask

Launch Organic Valley’s organic protein shake on a lean budget.

the results

We earned 100 million+ PR impressions and won an Effie for Best Product Launch Campaign of the Year.

Save the Bros
We alerted the world that the bro population was in serious danger from chugging nasty proteins. The internet rejoiced.
Buy One, Bro One
We created a real Buy One, Bro One coupon so you could help a bro-in-need. And people could show their support by purchasing some of our Save The Bros swag, which, to our surprise, they did.
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.29.26 PM
The Brononymous Hotline
Since talking to a Bro about his protein is a very sensitive subject, we followed up our viral success with The Brononymous Hotline. A Twitter app that allowed anyone to anonymously tweet a bro with a personalized protein intervention video and a coupon to try Organic Fuel.

The Part Where We Brag

  • Over 1 million views in the first week
  • 100 million+ PR impressions
  • Won a Bronze Effie for Best New Product Launch Campaign of 2016
  • Voted AdWeek’s Ad of the Week
  • Won AdAge’s Small Agency Integrated Campaign of the Year
  • Currently the Save the Bros video is up to 7M views. (88% of which are organic)
  • 20 million total Brononymous views on Youtube and Facebook

  • 150,000 campaign shares
  • More than 15,000 Brononymous tweets
  • 125,000 site visits
  • 25,000 coupon views
The Brononymous Hotline was Nominated for a Webby, for best digital advertising campaign, punching well above its weight alongside the biggest brands in the world.
“For Organic Valley to show an edgy sense of humor breaks new ground for organic product advertising.”


“Luckily, we have enough of a sense of humor around here that we actually enjoyed this video from Organic Valley....Yum. Go big or go home. And Save The Bros.”

Bro Bible

“In other words, for an ad that, at moments, panders to its target by trolling everyone else, it's pretty funny—deftly sending up cheesy public-service tropes, while also largely poking fun at the consumers it's trying to woo. ”


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The Real Morning Report

the ask

Introduce Organic Valley’s organic morning shake to busy women and drive trial.

the results

We created one of YouTube’s Top 10 Most Viewed Ads of the Month and grew sales by double digits.

Real Morning Report
We conducted a study of 1,000 professional women to understand what their mornings are really like. Then we compared those stats to the bullshit you see in most advertising for women.
Online, women could participate in the study themselves and see how their mornings stacked up to those of professional women out there.
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.41.17 PM
Seize The Cray Coupon
Online, women could participate in the study themselves and see how their mornings stacked up to other professional women out there.

The Part Where We Brag

  • 80 million impressions
  • 9.9 million video views (53% of which are organic)
  • 402K site visits
  • Adweek’s 5th Most Read Story of 2016
  • More than 50K coupon downloads
  • Volume growth up double digits overall

“Thanks for keeping it real, Organic Valley.”


“Yep, sounds about right. Embrace the chaos, ladies.”

Huffington Post

“It may not be 'aspirational,' but at least it doesn't leave you wondering what you're doing wrong in life that you can't start each day 'journalling in your journalling nook.'”


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The World’s Best Coffee

the ask

Make people stop and think about the type of half and half they put in their coffee.

the results

The created the world’s first Half and Half bar and turned the coffee world upside down.

Just Add Coffee
Designing the Experience
The Humanaut team worked with Pink Sparrow to design every detail of the Organic Valley Coffee Shop experience, where coffee was the only afterthought.

The Part Where We Brag

  • 500,000 Landing page visits
  • 100,000 Coupon prints

  • Served over 1000 cups of coffee in the 2 days we were open to the public
  • 50,000 Product locator searches

“...Opening a physical store that sells half-and-half was a delicious conceit—and to stretch a metaphor, casting Farmer Gerrit was like the heart-shaped foam on top.”


“The commercial is full of on-point asides like that — van Tol thinks he needs 'some modern logo with an 'X' in it or some arrows;' he describes a cow as his 'secret barista;' and he takes pains to explain the various types of plants that go into the animals' grass blend.”


“ example of unexpected, breakthrough marketing that's happening across the food world...”


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the idea

Launch the SodaStream Source Machine to the world and help set the bubbles free from Big Soda.

the results

1 billion PR impressions and two of the most successful banned ads in Super Bowl history.

The SodaStream Effect
This story starts In 2012. In partnership with Alex Bogusky’s Common we launched a global TV spot that showed plastic bottles disappearing anytime someone used the SodaStream Source. Our spot got banned in the UK for disparaging the soda industry and the video went viral on YouTube.
Game Changer
To follow that up, for the 2013 Super Bowl we created a commercial that spoofed the classic Coke vs. Pepsi rivalry Super Bowl commercials, and introduced a new bottle-saving, eco-friendly alternative. For some unknown reason (a.k.a The Pepsi Halftime Show), the spot was rejected by CBS.

We were able to cut a new version of The original SodaStream effect which aired during the game and was ranked among the Top Super Bowl spots of 2013 by Ad Age. But the banned Game Changer spot and surrounding controversy racked up nearly 5 million YouTube views, created a press flurry, and doubled post-game product sales. Win. Win. Win.
SodaStream Website - Post Superbowl Campaign - Humanaut
Soda Streaming
We redesigned the home page for the weeks following the Super Bowl to feature the spot “they wouldn’t let you see during the big game.”

The Part Where We Brag

“Sodastream’s Super Bowl Ad Goes Viral. ”


“CBS banned SodaStream’s Super Bowl spot because, apparently, it was too much of a direct hit to two of its biggest sponsors, Coke and Pepsi. Please pause and read that sentence again. ”


“SodaStream's spot in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl was undeniably cunning in their successful attempt to make a meaningful and memorable statement during the big game”


Sodastream Press - Forbes, Fast Company, Huffington Post - Humanaut
Fast Company
Business Insider Logo - Humanaut
Advertising Age
The Daily Beast
Huffington Post Business
Super Bowl 2014
Scarlett Johansson has been named GQ’s "sexiest woman alive" twice. So, when we heard she was joining SodaStream as an international spokesperson, we knew we were probably going to get flagged in the SuperBowl for inappropriate conduct once again. But this time, a little innocent smack talk from a sexy Scarlett, targeted at Coke and Pepsi, was all we needed to get our spot ejected from the game.

Surprise, surprise. What followed was a PR frenzy that escalated into censorship accusations, a celebrity breakup, and a full on geo-political debate. The “uncensored version” of our Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl ad was the fourth most viral before the game and has been seen by over 13 million people on YouTube.

The Part Where We Brag, Again...

  • Top Super Bowl spots of 2013 by Ad Age
  • Over 1 Billion global PR impressions

  • Ranked most popular banned ads by FastCompany
  • Doubled sales following the SuperBowl

“Fox, apparently, takes issue with the at-home soda-making system’s takedown of its competition. SodaStream presses on and ups the sex appeal with new global brand ambassador.”


“Mr. Bogusky joked, in a reference to Ms. Johansson’s role in 'Her', that he recommended to SodaStream executives: “Why don’t you make a SodaStream machine that speaks and use her voice?”

New York Times

Business Insider Logo - Humanaut
Fast Company
The New York Times - Humanaut
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the ask

Brand a new wonder-food packed with organic fruits, veggies, and 2 billion life-giving probiotics.

the results

The name, brand, packaging, site and identity for Nomva: a high-power space-food super-smoothie you can eat right here on earth.

Let's Get Living
Nomva’s visual identity was inspired by sports and fitness tracking apps and the ingredients’ natural, vibrant colors. Looks as good as it tastes.
Have you ever wanted to learn everything possible about probiotics-packed juice? Then get your click on at our brand spanking new Nomva site.
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the ask

Help Lyft launch in 24 new cities, in a single day and encourage people to take a ride with us.

the results

Lyftapalooza: The world’s largest local festival. 2 weeks and 24 cities with free Lyft rides to every single bar, band, club, venue, ballgame, party, anything and everything.

World's Longest Festival Poster
To announce Lyftapalooza to the world, we actually printed what we’re pretty sure is the world’s longest festival poster: It was 143 feet long that actually listed every bar, restaurant and venue in each city. Then we filmed it in one take.
Online people could see a list of every event happening in their city for two weeks, giving them hundreds of excuses to take a free lyft ride.

The Part Where We Brag

“Yesterday, Uber was operating in 47 U.S. cities versus 36 for Lyft. Today, Lyft can claim to be No. 1 after pushing to launch in 24 new markets in 24 hours, bringing its total count to 60. ”


“Thursday's announcement is easily the company's most aggressive expansion so far.”


“Lyft Expands, Passes Uber in Total U.S. Cities”


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Only Organic

the ask

Educate confused consumers about what the word “organic” really means.

the results

A series of videos that exposed the truth about “natural” foods and naturally racked up millions of views in the process.

The Natural Effect
We took viewers behind the curtain of the fictional “False Advertising Industry” and showed them all the dirty tricks of the conventional food-marketing trade. It would be funny, if it weren't true.
New MacDonald
The way we grow food should be as simple as the way kids think it is. Unfortunately, the truth is a little bit more “enhanced.”



The Part Where We Brag

The Natural Effect
  • 6+ million views
  • 35 million impressions
  • Completion rate: 85%
In 2015, The Natural Effect was Nominated for a Webby, for Long Form (Branded) Video.
New MacDonald
  • 1.6 million views
  • 28 million impressions
  • 409,000 organic engagements on social media

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