Humanaut is a Brand Invention Agency

Hello, We're Humanaut.

We are a Brand Invention agency. We specialize in building brands and product experiences from scratch.We also work with established brands to create integrated launch campaigns for new inventions and products. If you are innovating, re-imagining, or working to improve things for humans and the planet, we’d like to help.

13 things you should know
  1. We work on products and brands that are making things better, not worse.
  2. We’re only interested in solving problems that really need to be solved.
  3. Life is short, so if we don’t believe it can be great, we don’t believe it’s worth doing.
  4. Beauty should be mandatory.
  5. We only collaborate with decision makers whom we trust, and who trust us.
  6. We can do anything a full service ad agency can do, but we probably don't want to be your full service ad agency.
  1. Honesty is our secret weapon.
  2. We don't pitch. Let's start with a project.
  3. We're small and scrappy on purpose. It's how the future is being built.
  4. We've proven you don't need a massive budget to launch a massive idea.
  5. We're in Chattanooga, TN because in today's hyper-connected world we can be.
  6. We find running trails, climbing rocks and paddling rivers makes us better at our job than sitting in traffic and burning midnight oil.
  7. If you are nodding your head "yes," then let's talk.
Building brands and products from scratch:
  • Product Positioning
  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity / Logo
  • Packaging Design

  • UX / UI
  • Front-End development

  • Web design
  • Consumer Research
Launching a new product or invention:
  • Culture Mapping
  • Product Positioning
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign

  • OOH / Radio / Digital
  • Video Production

  • Test Market Campaign
  • PR / Buzz Building
  • Media Planning
  • Social Strategy

  • Social Content Creation

David is Humanaut’s founder and Chief Creative Director. He has spent the last 10 years working as a copywriter, creative director and equity partner in several startups. David worked with CP+B and other top agencies to create integrated ad campaigns for Domino's, Toyota, VW, and Best Buy's Twelp Force, which took home the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix in 2010. He started Pale Dot Voyage in 2011, building apps and offering creative services to agencies and partner startups. With the addition of Andrew and Alex, he founded Humanaut with the belief that creatives can and should be building the next great tech startup companies, and helping brands re-imagine their products in the digital landscape.

Andrew is a co-founder and partner at Humanaut. He's the agency's Chief Strategist and head of client accounts. Andrew spent several formative years pursuing a PhD in literature and the history of ideas, before leaving the program to become an entrepreneur. His first startup endeavor parlayed a long-term romance with the written word and an eye for hidden value into an independent rare book business, where he deployed new technology to revitalize an old trade. Andrew joined forces with David in 2011, launching apps, ads and new startups as Pale Dot Voyage.

Alex Bogusky, Creative Advisor for Humanaut
Chattanooga, TN - our southern city was voted "Best Town Ever" by Outside Magazine and is known for outdoor adventure, a budding design and startup scene, and the country's largest and fastest fiber optic smart grid, offering internet at gigabit speeds. We enjoy working outside the ad and tech bubbles. If you're getting tired of sitting in traffic and paying high rent, we invite you to come visit our office, nestled among mountains, rivers, and hundreds of miles of tree-lined trail runs and rides.
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